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Despite the recent withdrawal of Orsted's project to the south of us, we continue to fight a challenging battle to protect the LBI coast. Our ocean, environment, and economy remain at risk from the damaging effects of offshore wind. The Atlantic Shores project, just 9 miles off of LBI, is still moving forward.


Your valuable donations are being used for lawsuits and research to help protect our island and our way of life. Any amount helps.


For donations made in the month of December, send us an email and we will send you a digital card that you can complete and print out or email for a gift. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax-deductible.

SaveLBI's research delves deeply into the surge of marine mammal fatalities and the role of survey vessels in this crisis. Our report scrutinizes the dismissals by government agencies and media outlets regarding the connection between recent whale and dolphin deaths in New Jersey and offshore wind energy vessel surveys. It questions the officials' denials, which lack solid evidence, and their unfounded accusations against organizations like SaveLBI. This document transcends mere conjecture, offering robust scientific evidence that links survey activities to marine life deaths. It also highlights the government's hastened approval of these projects, overlooking thorough investigations and expert consultations. By presenting compelling evidence, our report refutes claims of collusion with the fossil fuel industry and posits these surveys as a probable cause of the distressing marine fatalities. Essential for those invested in marine conservation and the implications of renewable energy development. Download the PDF below for the full report.

Evidence: Offshore Wind Energy Vessel Surveys are the Cause of the Recent New Jersey Whale & Dolphin Deaths

See our latest fact sheet on offshore wind.

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