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Do you want to see several hundred turbines the size of the Eiffel Tower just ten miles from our beaches?  

Do you know that the most visible modern wind project in the world is currently proposed for the entire coast of LBI? It will run from Barnegat Light to Holgate and will be closer to shore than any other modern wind project in the world.

Do you know there is a much better location for this project – the Hudson South Call Area – that was already approved by the federal government for wind turbines and has the potential to provide much more wind energy than the current location?

Do you know there has been no assessment of the impact of this wind project on the marine life off our coast? Or the impact on commercial and recreational fishing, as well as boating safety?

Why is the current location proposed by Atlantic Shores a bad idea?
  • Under the current plan, the most visible modern wind project in the world with several hundred turbines the height of the Eiffel Tower will populate the entire lease area, which starts at ten miles from our coast and goes out to twenty miles.

  • These turbines will look like a ‘wall’ of industrial structures that will be clearly visible at all times.

  • They will destroy our beautiful, pristine views of the ocean, not to mention our beautiful sunrises each morning. 

  • The underwater noise from these larger turbines is likely to block the adjacent migration corridor of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale.

  • Beyond the visual impact of the proposed project and the impact on our marine life, fishing, and boating, the project will devastate our tourism-based economy, property values, businesses, legacy, and unique island life.

If the currently proposed project is not moved further offshore to the Hudson South area, the estimated fiscal impact to LBI includes:
  • $300+ million lost tourism revenues annually

  • 18% fewer visits to the island

  • 55% loss of previous renters of oceanfront/ocean view properties

  • $200K- $1 million loss in value for every ocean view and ocean front property, with similar losses in value expected for other properties

  • Economic damages that could lead to business bankruptcies and property foreclosures

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