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Our Mission:
The ‘LBI Coalition for Wind Without Impact’

  • As a result of mis-leading information and lack of public awareness regarding the proposed wind project off LBI, we formed the ‘LBI Coalition for Wind Without Impact’ in February 2021.  

  • We are a non-partisan, mission-driven grassroots coalition comprised of hundreds of concerned LBI homeowners, business owners and visitors. 

  • We are proponents of a sensible approach to wind energy and alternative/renewable energy solutions. 

  • However, we are opposed to the location, scope and size of this project as currently proposed by Atlantic Shores.

  • Our coalition is led by Beach Haven resident Dr. Bob Stern, an engineer who previously managed the office in the U.S. Department of Energy that oversaw the protection of the environment as it relates to energy programs and projects. 

Our goal is two-fold:

1. To protect LBI's natural seashore and economic lifeblood -- our tourism industry -- by ensuring that Atlantic Shores’ proposed wind turbines are moved further offshore and out of sight to the Hudson South Call Area which is approximately 30 to 57 miles from our coastline. Note that Hudson South offers significantly more potential for wind energy and will also lessen the environmental impact of this project as compared to the current lease area which starts at just 9 and 10 miles off LBI's coast. 


2. To that end, ensure that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) adds Hudson South to the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) as an alternative to the current lease area.