8 Myths vs. Facts

Much misinformation and half-truths are being communicated regarding the massive wind project planned for the entire coast off LBI. Following is a summary of the recurring ‘myths’ being propagated by Atlantic Shores (the company planning to build and operate the wind project) and our corresponding facts. You be the judge...


Before this project proceeds, we should fully understand the impact it will have on our environment, and other locations for the project should be considered, including the proposal for the Hudson South Call Area that we have submitted to the BOEM. We should also be confident that this wind project will not be visible from our beaches and will not result in loss of tourism or property values.

Perhaps, as was recommended by the NJ Governor’s Blue-Ribbon Panel on the Development of Wind Turbine Facilities in Coastal Waters in 2006, we should start on a much smaller scale before committing now to the massive wind farm that is proposed. This would allow us to gain practical knowledge of the impact and benefit based on real experience with a test project off the coast of New Jersey.