Research Studies & Data

If you are interested in learning more about the economic and environmental impact of the massive wind project proposed for just 10 miles off the entire coast of LBI, please check out the following unbiased, impartial research studies:   


1. Global Insight, Inc. an Assessment of the Potential Costs and Benefits of Offshore Wind Turbines, prepared for the State of New Jersey, September. 2008



2. North Carolina State University, The Amenity Costs of Offshore Wind Farms, -- Evidence from a Choice Experiment in August 2017.


3. University of Delaware, Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Development: Values and Implications for Recreation and Tourism, sponsored by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, BOEM, March, 2018


4. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, BOEM, Renewable Energy Viewshed Analysis and Visual Simulation for the New York Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Call Area: Compendium Report OCS Study, BOEM 2015- 044, 2015.


5. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, BOEM, Turbine Exclusion Zone for New York State Based on Visible Impact, Federal Register Notice, Commercial leasing for Wind Power in the Outer Continental Shelf in the New York Area, April 18, 2018.


6. The Beacon Hill Institute, The Cost and Benefit of New Jersey's Offshore Wind Initiative, June, 2011.